Our Process

We will guide you in exploring your personal and family history, or as may be the case, that of a parent or grandparent. At the core of our Legacy Video is the interview.

Our production crew will record a broadcast quality interview, in most cases, employing multiple High Definition (HD) cameras. There are no “gotcha” moments and no “right” or “wrong” answers. We use a large set of proprietary questions (plus those submitted by family) designed to elicit an extensive picture of the subject or subjects. In a relaxed conversation, we will guide the subject(s) along life’s path from childhood to present, exploring: ancestors and family, life as a child and the stages that follow, marriage, career, children, religion, politics, contemporary history, and much more.

Digital video camera. We use HD video cameras recording at 1080 24p for great resolution. We also can record at 4k and downconvert. Professional

This comprehensive interview is then edited and the interviewer’s questions are removed, so the subject(s) appears to be having a free-ranging, yet focused discussion. The finished show, which may range in duration from thirty minutes to over two hours, typically includes segments from family movies and/or video, photographs, memorabilia, animations, music, and graphics.


This compelling documentary

will surely be a family treasure for generations.

Your family project will benefit from the experience of our staff: Directors of Photography, Sound Recordists, and Editors; and the use of high quality production equipment. We draw upon decades of experience to explore the myriad facets that make each individual the distinct person he or she is.


 Everyone has unique insights and stories to share with their children and the generations to come.

Our staff has decades of experience.

Insightful questions, convenient scheduling, and your complete satisfaction are the hallmarks of the Rara Avis (rare bird) experience.

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